How to Use Your Mind to Bring Happiness

Mind to Bring Happiness

There are two types of people when it comes to happiness. Some are chronically happy no matter what circumstances come their way and those who are miserable even if they get everything they ever wanted.

The difference between the two is in the minds.

Your mind is the largest organ in your body and is immensely powerful. It can control all your physical functions but can also control your actions through your thought processes. The problem is, many times, we don’t use it as we should.

A father had a famous saying that resonated with his kids over the years after they each did some horrendously stupid thing.

“What were your thought processes in deciding to do this that made you believe it was a good idea?” he always asked.

There are many times when we act on impulse, one thought, instead of giving it time. That can be good in some cases but most of the time such actions produce failure. We must learn to control our minds to produce good results and, ultimately, happiness.

Capturing Thoughts

Capturing every thought is an ancient idea. It means to look at what you think about and either allow it or toss it away. Some thoughts are good and should be allowed while others should be dismissed.

Dismissing negative thoughts, lies or other types of ideas is a good way to keep our minds purer and leaning toward the positive. You can physically dismiss negative ideas and not allow them to dwell in your mind.

Understanding Why This Is Important

You must know that what you allow in your mind affects you deeper than your thoughts. It can cause a change of heart too. That is why it’s important to guard what goes into it through what you see, hear, feel or even think.

Negative thoughts can play in a type of loop in your head until you actually start to believe them, even if you know on the outset they aren’t true. This can, in turn, affect your actions.

Attractions vs. Actions

A lot is said about attracting things into your life. The idea is that negative attracts negative things while positive attracts positive things like happiness.

What most gurus don’t talk about is obvious. It isn’t so much what we think that attracts but it’s how we act based on what we think.

Someone who is negative is going to complain to those around them. Soon, the only ones listening are others who complain also. Opportunities will be lacking there. Those who are optimistic and happy will be noticed by other optimistic, happy people. They will likely gain more opportunities too because people like happy confidence. They give opportunities to those they like being around and are impressed with.

Being Happy Is a Decision

A counselor once said that we can decide how we are going to feel about things. That struck me as odd before he explained it. In this case, if I were to decide something wasn’t going to bother me, and acted like it didn’t bother me, eventually it wouldn’t bother me.

Feelings often follow decisions. An experiment showed that if unhappy people forced a smile for just a while, they were genuinely happier afterward. A lady explained her viewpoint as she talked about all the life problems she had. She said, “Happiness is a decision and I just decided to be happy.”

Mind Cleansing

All of this doesn’t happen at once, especially if you’ve been negative for a long time. You will need your mind cleansed to start fresh. Think of it as detoxing the body of certain unhealthy foods.

Many people use a psychic to do this and they can be effective if you’ve never done it before. Even so, you can perform your mind cleansing without a psychic.

  1. First, stop using all forms of media and electronics for a week while you do a mind cleanse. That means television, magazines, radio, music, and especially social media. Once you perform a mind cleanse, you will instantly notice just how much negativity you are subjected to daily.
  2. Spend some time reading healthy things that are spiritually based. This includes things that help you grow as a person and into the person you want to be.
  3. Practice capturing every thought.
  4. Meditate or pray daily. Spend about 15 minutes at first to clear your head of all thoughts and then spend some time either looking inward to evaluate yourself and do some deep cleaning or praying for God to reveal to you what to do.
  5. Be sure to pray for others if you pray. Try to help at least one person during the week.
  6. Time the time to make some healthy diet changes and be sure to exercise during this cleansing. Your body, mind, and spirit are meant to work together.
  7. At the end of each day, evaluate how many negative thoughts you had versus positive ones. Try to lower the number the next day. Be sure to say some things you are grateful for before you go to sleep. You may also try sleeping with positive affirmations for some extra help in mind cleansing.

A week or maybe two of mind cleansing will leave you more refreshed and positive. You will be more aware of everything around you and will be more adept at capturing negative feelings or thoughts before they take root in your mind.

You may also find that you change some things in your life. There may be friends you no longer want to hang around because you suddenly realize how toxic they are. There may be places you no longer wish to go and maybe new places and people you do want to be around.

Go with the flow as these changes occur. It is all a part of pointing you to happiness!