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How to Use Feng Shui to Help When You Have Bad Neighbors

Do you ever feel that you have a neighbor that is causing you problems or sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong?

Maybe you live in a neighborhood where people come, and it causes the energy of your house to feel bad. The neighbors that you have can bring you negative energy and you have to learn to protect your home.

For those of you that have never heard of it before, you can use feng shui in order to protect your home from negative energy of your neighbors.

Protecting Your Home

Here are some ways that you can protect your home from negative energy of your neighbors:


Make sure that you go on your property line and you bury some rose quarts. This can keep you a boundary line that will not allow negativity to come into your area. This is a strong love and there is no penetrating this kind of love.

Protective Energy

You need to plant things on your property line that will bring you peace and love. Using a feng shui garden is perfect because it will bring you peace and keep the negative energy out.

Wind Chimes

You can use wind chimes that hang or that are tall and sit on a base in order to get rid of bad energy.

Hang these wind chimes as close to your neighbor as you can to make sure that you have a border of positive energy around you.

Inside Energy

You need to open up your windows and your doors that face your neighbors. You can do this, and you can put paintings, crystals or other things that symbolize strength around your area and let the energy go to your neighbors.

Bless Them

One great way that you can strengthen your energy is to bless your neighbors. Take time to ask the universe to bless them and to take care of them.

Doing this can get rid of your negative energy towards them and can bring healing and thankfulness to your life.

When you do positive things, the universe will send these positive things back to you.


Negative energy from your neighbors can be hard to handle. Take time to take care of your home, create boundaries and bless your neighbors to keep your home healthy and peaceful.

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