How to Understand Your Spirit Guides and Follow Them

Spirit Guides and Follow Them

Everyone has spirit guides that are there to watch over you and to keep you safe from things. They are there to help you and to help you make better decisions in your life. Not only do your guides help you, but some of the guides are only assigned to you. These guides are there to help you know who you are and to help you to meet all of your goals and dreams.

Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are souls of people that have died, and they can be years and years or even centuries old. They take on the job of watching over people. This is not someone that is your family or even a friend, but they are someone that has spend many years reaching a certain soul level and they volunteered to help you here on earth.

The spirit guides will never judge you or put you down. They want to watch you and help you and they want to make sure that you are safe. You have free will, of course, so that means that they will let you to make mistakes if you choose to not listen to them. The great thing is though that they will love you unconditionally and even if you mess up, they will try to lead you back on the right path so that you can make the best choices in your life.

Your guides are there for you and they walk with you. Even if you don’t know that they are with you, they are. They will be there when you need to pass a test or when you need to make a hard decision. They will be there to help you get in contact with your soulmate and talking you into going to certain places at certain times so that you can meet up with them. They will try to help remove things out of your life that will hold you back from being in a great relationship.

Your spirit guides will help you to learn who you are and to discover your spiritual journey. They will help you to meet up with someone randomly and these people will become connected to you in a powerful way. This can be best friends, people that you need to help you or people that can offer you good things in your life.

There are different ways that you can talk and connect with your spirit guides. Some of the best ways to do this is to journal and meditate.  When you want to talk to your guide and you need them to help you make a decision or know what to do, sit down with your journal and mediate. Don’t think about what you want to ask them, just clear your mind, and let them fill you with the answers that you are seeking.

You can get the guidance that you need after you mediate and then pick up your pen and journal the answers that the guides give you.

You will never physically meet your spirit guide even if you have a chances to see them because they are not a person, but they will always be there in spirit to help you to feel better.

Remember that your guides are always there for you so do not be afraid to talk to them. The more you talk to them and notice them the more that you will hear them and get the guidance that you need form them.

When you get the guidance that you need, you will see that you can do whatever you need and whatever is best for you as long as you listen and open up your mind.

Your guide will be there to help you to do what you need to do and help you to go where you need to go. They will help you to know when you need to avoid something or when you should change paths in your life. Always embrace your guides and let them love you and take care of you.