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How to Tell if Your Inner Knowing Is Correct

How to Tell if Your Inner Knowing Is Correct

The psychic ability known as claircognizance, or inner knowing, can be difficult to figure out because it is easy to think things are all in your head or determine if it is a true psychic vibe. Claircognizance is different from other gifts because it is mostly a thought, not a vision or audible sound. Recognizing inner knowing is only obvious after the fact, which makes it even harder to pinpoint. However, learning to recognize claircognizance is possible and we are going to share how to do so.

Ways to Know Inner Knowing is Spot On


Claircognizant experiences, when occurring, leave things feeling peaceful and resolved, not causing further upheaval. For example, if you feel like your husband is in danger and finally get a call through to tell him to choose a different route hone, then an immediate peace settles over you, it was likely claircognizance.

This was your spirit guides or higher self sending a message from the universe and it got through, once you acted upon the message, peace was felt. You may not even be able to explain what would have happened, but you know the feeling.

Insightfulness in Sleep

The frontal lobe of the brain is where logic is stored and used. This area always wants an answer based on facts. This area of the brain does not work well with claircognizance because it wants to understand where the information came from in the first place. So sometimes, to bypass this logic area, a claircognizant experience will come as you sleep. This is usually most obvious when you wake up with the solution to a problem that had been totally missed before. This may also include things like knowing you should check on your child that is away or call a friend that you just saw to follow-up. There may be no logical reason, but something is prompting you to do so.

“Out of the Blue”

The out of the blue moments are a telltale sign of claircognizance. It can be anything that suddenly comes to mind that must be done that is not related to anything happening at that moment. Perhaps you are driving the children to school thinking of the schedule for the day when it suddenly becomes important to visit your best friend. It may be unusual to visit before 8 in the morning, but the thought occurred out of the blue. This is claircognizance when you follow up and the friend does have news to share, good or bad. These out of the blue thoughts occur when our mind is engaged in something else, usually logical in nature.

Same Message/Different Manner

Claircognizance may be the primary way you receive messages, but many people have more than one gift. As in the above example, maybe you have been seeing your friend’s name or photo everywhere lately and then the thought also appears. Perhaps you were getting a sense that you needed baby clothes and then seeing babies everywhere to find out your sister is expecting. This is one gift confirming the message of the other.

Can’t Shake the Feeling

Claircognizant messages are not ones that come and go, they tend to stick with you until action is taken. If something feels off when you are around a particular person, trust the feeling. This is likely claircognizance.

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