How To Improve Your Sex Life: Eat This, Not That


imagesIs your bow-chicka-bow letting you down, down, down? You could blame a lot of things like the kids, your headache, or a perceived boredom between you and your partner. But have you considered looking at your plate? What you’re eating can play a role in your sex life, but not just in how much of the bad stuff you’re eating. Are you getting enough of the aphrodisiac foods when it really counts?

Funny enough, the smellier the better seems to be key with these foods, with oysters, asparagus, and garlic on the list. But what the smelly and non-smelly foods on this list all share is that they’re great for you. They’re super healthy foods that you should be eating anyway, and what can it hurt if you get a little something-something out of it?

What makes these foods a turn on?

Problem: Attraction

If your lack of sex stems from your inability to attract the opposite sex, then it is celery to the rescue. Celery (and celery root) offer the chemical compounds androstenone and androstenol, which according to Men’s Health magazine can help “attract women the way trailer parks attract tornadoes.” Cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla are also believed to aid the psyche in feeling more sexy, as are clove and saffron.

And while most people use alcohol to loosen inhibitions, the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago suggests that the faint smell of alcohol on a woman’s breath can boost a man’s desire to kiss her. And research suggests that women prefer the smell of licorice and cucumbers, while men share their love for licorice, but are more partial to pumpkin pie, lavender and doughnuts.

food-sexWhen it comes to better sex, chocolate can mimic the feelings of attraction. It contains enough PEA and dopamine to cause even a monk or a nun to feel a little frisky. This is why this dark delicacy was once banned from their holy lips in the 1600s. Spicy food (chili peppers, etc.) works in a slightly different way. They mimic the heat and tingling sensations of being turned on.

Problem: Anxiety

The vegetable beetroot is a powerhouse of betaine and trytophan, which relaxes the mind and helps to support feelings of happiness and well-being. Tomatoes are another fruit which are said to help calm your frazzled nerves,improve muscle control, and help you have better sex.

Problem: Malfunctioning Tools

Poor circulation in your nether regions can cause poor functioning sex organs. Ginger, garlic and ginseng have all been said to help increase circulation, while also offering a little extra perkiness to the central nervous system. Cardamom is sometimes called the natural alternative to Viagra, for its suggested ability to increase blood flow around the sex organs. The citrulline in watermelon may also help relax the blood vessels in your body, resulting in improved sexual performance. And vanilla may help make your senses just a little more heightened, meaning that your partner’s touch will be more exciting.

downloadOysters and salmon have long been said to boost sex drive with their Omega-3 fatty acid content. But farmed salmon and oysters contain an overabundance of toxins that are bad for the body, including your sex organs. To offset any toxins (air pollution, food, etc.) that enter your body, spinach is rich in vitamin C, magnesium and iron, which help the body rid itself of harmful chemicals. Instead of seafood, you can get quality Omega-3s in such alternatives as walnuts, pumpkin and flax seeds for better sex.

Problem: Low Sex Drive

The chemical, indole-3-carbinol, found in Brussels sprouts has been said to reduce estrogen and provide a spike in testosterone in men. Sesame seeds may also provide a boost in testosterone production. The vitamin E found in avocados and the boron found in parsnips may help both men and women by aiding in the production of testosterone, progesterone and estrogen.

images (1)If the reason your sex drive is low is due to a lack of pleasure, the folate and B vitamins in asparagus may help awaken your sex energy and improve the sensation of your orgasm. Occasionally, a low sex drive can be due to pain during sex. While there are a lot of causes for this, if the main culprit is a lack of natural lubrication, edamame contains phytoestrogen which helps the body manufacturer its own love juices.

Your Mind on Food: The Ultimate Booster

Regardless of what foods seem to improve your sexual performance, keep in mind that your belief in the power is half the cure. Research suggests that believing certain foods improve your performance is an incredibly successful way to improve your love life, and the magic is as simple as eating the food that makes you feel good. In other words, sexy food creates a sexy mood.