How to Fix Your Tired Soul

Tired Soul

If you are someone that feels exhausted or you feel that something is wrong inside of you, chances are that your soul is tired. You can pretend everything is okay, but the truth is, inside you are dealing with soul loss.

Your soul is tired, even though you think it is your body that is causing it. Maybe you just feel like you need to stay in bed or maybe you are tired even though you just began the day.

The things that you once loved to do seem boring or you just don’t have the desire to do anything.

This is when you can know that it is time to work on your soul. This is how you can know that you need to restore your soul and that you need to stop pretending that everything is okay even when it isn’t.

Maybe you are someone that gets 8 to 10 hours of sleep everyday and maybe you are doing great in your job and your life but none of these tell you that inside that you are okay.

What decides what is going on in your soul is how you feel each and everyday that you get up and start life.

Are You Soul Tired?

Put your hands together and rub them for about 30 seconds or a minute. See if you can feel the energy.

Pull your hands apart from each other slowly until the energy is no longer there. If you don’t feel the energy, this means your soul is tired.

Reason for Soul Tiredness

  • You are being dishonest with yourself.
  • You don’t care about yourself.
  • You are not able to tell people no.
  • You always feel that something is missing.
  • You just do things because you have to.
  • You let your past cause you problems.
  • You have no motivation.
  • You gossip.
  • You are around people that put you down and don’t build you up.

These are some of the things that can make your soul to be tired. The people that you hang out with are a big part of what you are feeling and who you are. These people have a big impact on your life, and they are the ones that can give you power or take it away.

These people can make your life better or make your life worse. Figure out who you are hanging out with and know that this is important.


Learn to live your best life and to live the best that you can so that you can make your soul alive again. When your soul gets tired, chances are that you are about to go through your awakening.

An awakening can be a hard time but if you keep pushing forward, you will see that you can reach your goals and you can become who you want to be in your life and in your soul.