How to Figure Out What Kind of Earth Angel You Are

Earth Angel You Are

There are many people in the world that are empaths or that are highly sensitive people. These people might be able to have strong perceptions of things that happen in their life and they often have emotional energy that lets them to feel what others are feeling.

These people are earth angels. Earth angels are people that are different because they have strong senses and are very sensitive. They love other people, and they have a purpose to help and heal others.

Earth angels are not actual angels, but they have different traits that angels have such as wanting to help people that need healings, wanting to help those in need and to be able to see the best in others.

This is an energy that is full of love and compassion and this is often someone that will be helpful to others. Sometimes these people get burnt out on life because of the care that they give others and the lack of care for themselves. Do you think you are an earth angel? Find out how you can tell if you are:

Good Listener

Earth angels will listen to other people and they also listen in the psychic world. They are able to have sympathy to others because they can feel their emotions and their energies. People are dawn to these Earth angels, and they are there to help them.

If you are compassionate and loving and you are not judgmental of others, you might be an earth angel. You will see that people can open up to you and you can have many friends and intimate moments with people.

This can be challenging for you because it can cause you to be overly emotional and drained because you are always listening to other people and their problems.


If you are drawn to people that are sick or in pain, you might be a healing earth angel. This means you are there to help them get over their problems or sicknesses.

You will be able to heal others and help them, but you cannot fix everyone and do not get frustrated when you can’t.

Nature Angels

Do you feel overly connected to nature and you aren’t sure why? This can mean you are called to do nature work. This is someone that might love to go to the beach or work on the farm. When you work on land, you are helping nature to live, and you have a strong purpose.

You can surround yourself with nature and things that make you smile. Working with nature can be hard and if you have this gift and you live in the city, you might have a harder time being in nature. Try to plant something in your home.

Activist Angel

The world is hard and there is inequality everywhere. If you are sensitive to this, you might want to take action against it. You will see that you want the world to be better for everyone and everything.

You are someone that is connected to the hurt around you, and you want to be close to everyone. You want to see everyone open their eyes and be better.

The hard things are that the world is unfair, and this can cause you to be down. Learn to have peace and take action when you can.

Creative Angels

Being creative can come in different forms. You might be able to paint or to play music. There are many creative things that someone can do. If you love to create things, you are someone that will be an empath and you will bring love to the world.

You are sensitive and full of new ideas and you are probably very empathic to others. Use your imagination and make the world a better place.

Creative projects can be hard, make sure that you take time to heal yourself so that you don’t lack in creativity.

Animal Angels

Maybe you are connected to animals in a special way. You feel that you can talk to them and that you understand what they want and need. You can volunteer your time at a shelter or have pets of your own.

This is a great way to connect with other creatures. Animals that aren’t treated kindly will upset you. You can be an advocate for animals that are abused.

Busy Angel

You love to always be working and moving. You want to do things all over the world. You help your family, friends and even strangers to get things done that they need to do.

Maybe you love to volunteer to work at a food bank or you want to do other helpful things. This is proof that you are making a positive impact.

Even people that have a lot of energy get tired. Take rests for yourself and always have self-care.

Caregiver Angel

A caregiver angel might be someone that takes care of the elderly or children. You might even take care of things like plants or animals. You will be happy when you are taking care of something in your life.

This is something you can do to show love and support to others. Make sure you are always nurturing someone and loving it.

You have to have a relationship with other people so that you can know who you are. Do not just hide and nurture everything else and forget yourself in the process.

Deciding What kind of Earth Angel, You Are

After you read the article, figure out which earth angel you are. You will know that you are one of them by the way that the description made you feel. Go out and embrace your calling and live your life to the fullest.