How to Do Palm Reading

Palm Reading

Palm reading, which is also called chirology, has been around for years and years. There are no palms that are going to be the same and so palmists will read your lines and help you to understand your life journey.

Palm reading is something that you can go out and get done or you can even do your own palm reading at home.

What Does Palm Reading Tell You?

Palm reading can tell you more about your life than you ever thought possible. It can show you what strengths and weaknesses that you have, what your relationships look like for the future, and it can tell you when something is right or wrong.

People have many lines on their palms, and some are darker while others are lighter. They help you to know who you are. A palmist can help you to understand things about your life. They won’t be able to give you the name of your soulmate or tell you certain dates, but they can help you to understand your personality.

Your left palm and your right palm are going to be different and each one holds different information than the other. Palm reading can help you to figure out if you are on the right path in life.

Understanding the Shape of Your Hands

There are four different astrological signs including earth, fire, air, and water. Just like the difference in these, the shape of your hands has things to do with your traits and your personality. Here is some more information on the shape of your hands:

Earth Sign

Having a square palm can mean that you will probably have shorter fingers. This means that the hand will not have as many lines. These lines on your hand can mean that you are grounded and that you think things through clearly.

Chances are if you have this kind of palm, you are probably a problem solver and you think analytically. You are someone that has strong emotions, and you want there to be an outcome no matter what is going on. The personality traits that you have are useful in your life, but they can stop you from making goals that are long term because you want to stay in the present.

Fire Sign

A fire sign goes with a fire hand which means you will have short fingers and a longer palm. Most of the time the lines will be different sizes. This kind of palm can mean that you are fun, exciting and that you are an outgoing person. Everywhere you go, you get attention, and your palm shows that you are creative and that you have passion for other people.

Most people with this palm are more concerned with details and this can cause them to get overwhelmed unless they have people helping them that are grounded.

Air Sign

An air sign and an air palm can be a palm that has boney fingers and a wide and long palm. This can mean that you are smart and that you analyze things that you do. This is someone that is practical and that can communicate easily with others. A person with this palm has to be stimulated or else they end up bored and stressed.

Water Sign

The water palm is one that has longer fingered and a long palm. This is someone that allows their emotions to lead them through life. These people are often angry, happy, sad, or compassionate, depending on where their heart leads them.

Don’t get too involved in the lives of others because you can become overly sensitive, and it will be harder for you to deal with and carry their emotions.

What Are Palm Lines?

There are different lines that you will find on your palm. Though there are many lines, the ones that stand out the most include the heart line, the life line, the head line, and the fate line. These are the lines that the palmist focuses on the most when doing a reading.

Head Line

The head line is a line that shows how strong a person is in their mind. This is found between the heart line and the life line and goes in a diagonal way.

Seeing a line that is clear and stands out can mean that you are able to think clearly and that you are very smart. When the line is shorter, it can mean that you are more gifted in your physical self but if it sticks up a little, it can mean you are creative. If the line has a circle that divides it, it can mean you have a hard time focusing.

Heart Line

The heart line is a line that is found right under where the fingers end on the hand. When this line is clear to see, it can mean that you are able to understand your emotions and relationships that you are in. If the line is short, it can mean that you have a hard time with relationships, and this could be a result of trauma or a personality disorder in your life.

If you are someone that has a longer heart line, it can mean that you are mature in your emotions, and you know how to handle relationships as they come to you.

Life Line

The life line doesn’t tell you how long you will live but it tells you how much energy you have. If the line is curved and starts at the thumb and forefinger and goes to the bottom of the pal, it can mean that you are strong in your body.

Those that have these lines love to be physical. A line that is shorter can mean that you don’t have as much energy, and you don’t love physical things such as sports.

Fate Line

The fate line comes across the bottom of the palm and goes vertically. Some people have the line that stops by the head line while others see the line go through the heart and the head line. This is a line that tells you how successful you are in money.

A clear and strong line can mean you are able to be successful and these are people that normally go on one career path in their life. A line that is cut off can mean someone changes their jobs often. Someone with a short line can retire younger than other people.

Final Thoughts

Palmistry is something that is not as complicated as people tend to think it is. There are different people that will do different kinds of palm readings, but your hands can reveal a lot about you that you can find out even on your own. The different mounds, lines and fingers all have meanings in your life.

Palm reading can be hard and if you don’t think that you can figure it out on your own, talk to an expert and get the palm reading of a lifetime.