Having a Soulmate Love Triangle

Soulmate Love

Have you noticed that you are in a soulmate triangle and at first it was fun but not it isn’t? Maybe the feelings that you had for these people were strong and they have grown but that you begin to expect more.

Someone will always get hurt in a soulmate triangle. It is very rare for a soulmate triangle to last for a long time and most of the time the goal is that one person out of 2 or 3 will end up going away and will not come back into the group.

Sometimes this doesn’t happen and then it goes on for a very long time which ends up causing a lot of pain and suffering.

Why Soulmate Love Triangles are Hard

When you have a soulmate love triangle, chances are that you don’t know what is going on. You have no idea that this triangle is happening.

You look at your life and you feel that everything is okay. The members in the group are happy and excited and they sometimes sneak around to spend time with each other.

This is the time when the emotions are very high, and the thinking is low. When they get away with this kind of behavior for a long time, they get sloppy, and they stop being careful. It is in this time that they are taking a chance of getting caught.

No one wants the other person to be left out and when they think about things from the other point of view, they feel bad for how they are acting. Most of the time they find that it is easier on them to not think about the other person. They never intend on hurting anyone.

Now when the other person finds out, they will have to face them, and they will have to cause the other person to feel that they were betrayed.

Sometimes, the one that is cheating is never meaning to sway away from the original relationship. They just wanted to do something different.

They take the chance of hanging out with someone else and then they no longer have a say as to what happens because they end up both wanting it.

Getting caught in this kind of thing will cause one of the soulmates to end up hurting and to lose out on life. This can lead to the idea that they find out that they love the person that they are cheating on the most and the other person can also get hurt.

This can cause the relationship to not be worth it in the end because at the end, no one is happy, and no one gets to live happily ever after.

Getting Out

When you find yourself in a love soulmate triangle, you need to end this as soon as you can.

You have to make a decision to get out of the relationship and to leave as soon as you can, or you are going to end up hurting everyone in the relationship. No one normally imagines that they will get into a soulmate triangle and often time it just sneaks in on them.

When you are in a soulmate triangle, you might have to give the soulmate rules to follow. They will often try to manipulate you to be with them and cause your other relationship to be on rocks.

You never have to give into them and to make the relationship go any further. They have to stop trying to control you and the relationship. You will need to get away from this situation in order to make things work out the way that they are supposed to. Your soulmate needs to listen and to know that things are done and that you are moving on to your normal relationship.