Get Good Luck in Your Own House

Get Good Luck in Your Own House

There are many different items that people believe will bring luck into your home. This means that no matter what kind of home that you have, you can use these items and it can bring luck to your house.


Paint the entrance to your door a color that is lucky. If your door is facing north, use black or blue, if it is facing south, use orange or red, facing east use green or brown or facing west use white or grey colors.


Fresh flowers can bring nature into your home and make your home beautiful. You can use fresh flowers to attract money.

Find some out of your own garden and put in a vase or go to the store and pick out some from there. Pick your favorite flowers, such as the rose.

Arranging the Furniture

Arrange the furniture in a way that is inviting. Use a circular arrangement in the living room so that the energy can flow when people are there. Put the bedroom furniture in ways where it will have more energy and do not put your bed in front of a mirror.


Elephants are considered to be good luck in many different cultures. Some call the elephant a wise giant and believe that they can bring luck to all of your house and protect your family.

Hang up elephant pictures or use figurines throughout your home.


Bamboo is one of the most known lucky charms in the world. This is often used in feng shui to bring luck and peace into the home.

Bamboo is also said to make the mood better in the home and is very decorative and pretty.

Get Rid of Clutter

Take time to get rid of the clutter in your home. Give things away or throw them away if they are no longer used. Get rid of stuff that you don’t use anymore.

Organize your home and make sure that you have a real space for everything.


You can use incense sticks to cleanse your home of bad energy. Use ones such as sage, sandalwood or rosemary. This can get rid of negativity in your home and leave your home with love and calmness.

Fruit Bowl

Use a fruit bowl with pomegranates and grapes. Doing this can bring positivity into your home and keep you strong in your health and in your sexual healthy.

You can also call abundance to your home if you have a fruit bowl in the kitchen. This is a good luck object, and you will love looking at it each day.


Many different cultures believe that a horseshoe is very lucky. You can put this in your home and people believe that if you face it upward, you will have luck that will never go away and if you face it down, it will give fortune to whoever walks under it.

Koi Pond

A koi pond is very beautiful and is considered one of the best things that you can do to bring goodness to your life in feng shui. The koi can swim and can be a symbol of happiness, love, and wealth.