Develop Your Psychic Giftings

Develop Your Psychic Giftings

Psychic development is something that can take weeks, months or even years. This is something that you have to work hard at doing and that you have to be patient with.

In order to tune your gifts, you have to understand that developing your giftings is a natural thing and it is part of your spiritual journey. Along the way, you will become wise to what you are going through and to what development stages you are in.


You need to spend so much time meditating, and you need to ask the guides to give you white light inside of your solar plexus. This is something that you need to do to stay safe and to keep the light inside of you.

When you are meditating in silence, you can ask the guides to show themselves to you. This can help you to know things about your life.

The more you meditate, the better you can do it and you will learn to make a stronger connection with the guides, and you will grow in your spiritual being. The more time you meditate, the stronger your light will be.


If you are someone that has a hard time being quiet, you need to go ahead and play some music. Doing this can help you to concentrate on what is going on in your mind without you getting bored.

You also need to read. Reading is one way you can develop your gifts. Find things that you can read online or use blogs. Do not read too much at once though or it can overwhelm you. This will not be productive and will just cause you frustration.

Pick the books that you need that will help you to build your intuition to start. This is part of your psychic development and will guide you the right way.

Going the Next Level

Three things that you can do to upgrade your health is to have patience, to practice and to let the process be known. You need to be happy with the growth that you have even when it is slow. You will not be in the same level for long and the more you develop yourself, the deeper you will go.

If you want to do readings for others, make sure that you start small and you start with someone you can trust.

As you go on your journey, you will get deeper information and deeper relationships. There are different therapies that you can look at if you need deep healing or emotional help. Make sure that your health is strong and that you are working on your mind, body, and soul.

You will see that you can increase your abilities as you move forward, and you practice. When you are practicing, you need to make sure that you are allowing yourself to do things such as to go to nature walks and doing things that will keep you grounded.

Even though this is not scientific, you will find that your abilities will begin to develop, and your psychic gifts will start opening. You will see that sometimes if you are emotional, these gifts will seem to shut down for a while. This happens to protect you and to keep you focused on healing yourself.

Endless Ideas

Once you open up your third eye and you learn to listen to yourself and your intuition, you will see that you will have so many possibilities in your life. You will be able to communicate with the spirit world and you will have your guides guiding you at all times.

You might be able to speak to people that have passed over to the other side or talk to aliens. You can use telepathy to talk to people if you choose and you will be able to see the auras of other people. This will give you the chances to tell someone if they are sick and need to get medical help.

The gifts that you have will begin to manifest themselves and you will see that you have so many things that you can do with your giftings.

Readings for Past Life

When you choose to do past life readings you might see a picture in your mind. This is a time that you have to trust yourself and accept what you see. You will have to interpret what you believe the image to mean and see if it has to do with now or in the past.

Once you start doing readings, people will ask you to look at their life. You might see things that they did in the past or be able to tell them what occupation they had in their past life. Your guides will help you with this.

Your guides will want you to relax and let the information flow. This can cause you to be able to handle things that are problems for you, and you can pass the information to the next person.

If you find out things about a persons past lifetime, you need to tell them and let them let go of the feelings of their past. The guides can give you suggestions that you should tell others and it will open your eyes to the truth about things such as reincarnation.

Once you look at things you will see that the images in your mind do not look modern. That is one way that you can know that these are past life pictures that you are seeing. You may even begin to recognize the past life pictures and you can find out the location and the identity of the pictures and images that come to your mind.

Your guides will know what is best for you to see and will give you information that they want you to share with others.

Talking to Spirits

As your abilities get stronger, you will see that you can manifest spirits. You might become a medium and be able to communicate with the spirit world. One way that you can do this is through channeling. This can help you to help others heal.

You may not know what is happening at first or how you are talking to but as you get used to the messages, it can be part of a healing path.

If this happens, know that not every spirit is the relative of someone that has passed away and you need to make sure that you are challenging each spirit that contacts you to make them validate who they are.

When a spirit comes to you and they claim to be someone, you need to make them give you information so that you can prove that is who they are.

If you are trying to channel someone that has died, you need to listen to the messages that they give you and you need to find out if your client or friend knows this person by what they are telling you. If the message is not real, you need to tell the spirit to go back into the light.

Things look different in the spirit world and so if you see a spirit, it might look younger than the person that died. When they pass over, they might be younger and so if you are confused, you just need to validate them.

Getting Rid of Ghosts

You can get rid of ghosts that come into the spirit world when you are channeling, and you can do this by asking white light to surround you. Ghosts will come in different energies, and you will be able to see them.

You can learn to look at the differences between spirits, guides, and angels. You can clear your areas from ghosts and ask them to leave easily.

If you want to clear things of unwanted spirits, then you can do this by asking them to leave and telling them that you want them to go.

Finding People That are Missing

People can develop their gifting so that they can help the police and other people find missing people and children.

When you want to find missing children, you can get information by letting your emotions not take over. You will see things with your psychic ears and eyes and when you have an open heart, you will get information. Sometimes it will be negative, and you have to not let your emotions take over.

You might be able to read pictures or to get information from objects that the person owned. If a person has relatives, they might ask you to help them, and you need to ask them to give you as much information that they can.

Police Works

Sometimes you will be asked to work with the police to help find the missing children. You will be given some information and you might be able to know bits and pieces of the information that you need. Sometimes the police might make you feel anxious, but you will be given the information that the guides want to give you.

You may have the same images over and over again and so the evidence will be there in front of you. The police might be skeptical of taking your advice but just say whatever you are given, and this will get their attention. If they want proof that you know then you will not have this, but the guides will tell you things to make them believe.

Many police believe that psychics are frauds and if your police station believes this then you need to not let this hurt your feelings. Some police will be kind and others will not be so nice. They will not always encourage you to participate and if they don’t, don’t be upset.

The work of finding missing people is hard and you just need to be open to the information that you are getting in your psychic world. Do not struggle with the information, you need to learn to trust the feelings and thoughts that you have coming in to you.

If you are asked to find someone missing, you need to get their name and their age and then you need to go off by yourself and let the guides give you information. Ask the universe to help you and to help you find that person.

If you get a picture of a mountain or a hill, ask if there is a place around the hill that can help you to locate it. If you know the name of a town, ask the guides to tell you what state it is in. You can get the information, but you need to be like a detective yourself. The more information you can get the more valuable you will be to help find the missing person.