Cutting Soul Ties with Your Ex

Cutting Soul Ties with Your Ex

The world around us is more than just the physical world. There are energies that are always being exchanged with relationships and with interaction that we have with others. The bonds that we form get stronger as we get deeper in relationships.

When a relationship is good, you want the bond to be stronger but when the energy is bad, you need to make sure that you get rid of this bond. When you have a breakup, it doesn’t mean that the energy bond will be broken. This is something that we have to learn to do ourselves.

A bond that is left behind can cause you to have bad relationships in the future and other terrible things.

Signs of a Soul Tie

Here are some signs that you need to get rid of your soul ties:

  • You cannot move on with someone else.
  • You think of your ex all the time.
  • You are very emotional and sad.
  • You communicate with people that aren’t good to you.
  • You tell people that don’t love you that you are thinking of them.
  • You do things to get the attention of others.
  • You can’t get rid of pictures and other items that your ex gave you.

Breaking a soul tie is never easy. You have to first be able to really move on and not keep talking to that person. You have to get over the fact that you think that you are leaving them or hurting them, and you have to be able to be strong.

You will be free once you are able to get rid of this soul tie with your ex. You will find that you are no longer distracted by them or thinking of them all the time. The ideas that you have can be about someone in your future and you can leave your past behind.

How to Break a Soul Tie

There are ways that you can break a soul tie and here are some great ideas on how to move forward:

Know It

You have to first know and admit that you have a soul tie. You have to pay attention and admit that something isn’t right. You need to see that you have a problem letting people go and understand that it is a real problem. This can give you back your power.

Forgive and Forget

Forgiveness is hard. When a relationship goes sour, there are things that linger. You have to learn to forgive yourself and your ex for what went wrong. What are some things that happened that caused the relationship to go bad? What was your role?

Now, ask yourself things like:

  • Did this help me to grow?
  • Am I better that this happened?
  • What lessons did I learn?

Visualize It Over

Imagine that your soul ties are gone and that you are happy. Visualize yourself with peace and a smile on your face. Get rid of the negativity surrounding you. Allow yourself to visualize physically cutting this cord.

Imagine that you are holding scissors or a knife and you are cutting the soul tie with your ex. As you cut it, let it fall to the floor and then pick it up and throw it away.

Get Rid of Messes

Take time to declutter things in your life from your past relationship. Declutter the things such as pictures, cards and other things that your ex gave you. Burn them, throw them away but don’t look at them anymore. This can help you to be strong and to move forward.

Let it Go

Take a moment and write a letter to your ex about how you are going to let them go. Release them to the universe and be ready to move forward. Doing this is symbolic and it can help you to move forward.

Final Words

Moving on is never easy and having a soul tie makes it even harder. When you feel that you are too bonded with someone and you cannot move on, try to cut the soul tie.

Once you get rid of soul ties, you will see that you are able to interact with this person and live your everyday life without being sad or angry. Let the bond be broken, even if you have to stop talking to this person for a while.