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Crystals for Transformation

Crystals for Transformation

Change is the only constant in life. This all too true adage can cause anxiety, but we all have a divine promise that all things will work together for our good. Even good change can be stressful, but it can lead to transformation in a moment. When you are ready to make positive changes in life, like healing a heartache or escaping an abusive relationship, then a little support from crystals can go a long way. Below are several of the best crystals for such a transformation.



Chrysocolla is a bright blue and green crystal that is connected to the heart and throat chakras. It is a transformative crystal that is often called the Teacher’s Stone or Stone of Communication. It is believed this crystal will help you create your desired changes by empowering you and filling you with wisdom. It helps you to communicate and teach others with the necessary loving kindness and compassion. It can offer transformation through healing, encouraging forgiveness, and offering serenity. Furthermore, chrysocolla is believed to increase self-esteem and confidence. It is supportive in tough times, especially when starting over in some area. It is also thought to imbue courage and strengthen the heart physically and emotionally. Still, it is best known for helping to release stress and tension while pulling in joy and happiness.


Dioptase is called the Stone of Forgiveness and is a stone of green ray that aligns with the heart chakra well. It has an intense blue-green color throughout and radiates tranquility. Believed to heal heartache, especially that coming from abuse, it can change suffering to serenity while allowing you to release anger. It is thought to transcend even the innermost trauma. Dioptase is an energizer that keeps you from persisting in self-neglect so you can show yourself care. It aids in healing damaged emotional belief patterns while giving strength to the heart and body. It will help you attain success in your changing new life. Furthermore, this crystal is said to bring an abundance of financial blessings and security.

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated quartz is often called the illuminator stone because it is a transparent crystal shot through with streaks of golden rutile. It resembles an aura that shimmers with golden white light when you are bonded to the spirit. The bright streaks are called the hairs of Venus, goddesses’ tresses, and even love arrows as the crystal is able to manifest desired changes quickly. It helps you to receive the divine guidance, insight, and inspiration needed. The gemstone is the right choice for transforming your life for the better. It is believed to increase stability and strengthen will and self-reliance. Rutilated quartz can help deal with depression and lessen anxiety as it aligns your crown and solar plexus chakras through cleansing, empowerment, and other benefits. This brings joy as you become attuned to your divine purpose.


Moldavite is known as the star stone or the stone of connectivity. It comes in several shades of forest green, blueish green, and even olive green. It is formed from meteors, star-born, long ago. It helps us to understand who we are and why we are here. Moldavite attunes to the heart chakra and counteracts cynical thinking while offering an etheric shield for those who are overly sensitive. It is believed to bring healing energy as you connect with the ascended masters, messengers, and the Source. It aids in releasing blocks of all types to create a better life and dramatic change.


Shungite is a lustrous black stone that is transforming, stabilizing, and grounding as an elemental carbon. It aligns with the root chakra and protects the wearer from EMF radiation. It is thought to heal mental and emotional issues as it is often called the miracle stone or stone of life. It is a powerful, ancient gemstone that can rejuvenate, detoxify, and restore the life force. It cleanses negative energy while being protective. Furthermore, it corrects imbalances and boosts positive energy while shielding you from the negativity of others.


Howlite has two impressive names, stone of inspiration and stone of reasoning and discernment. It is a calming white stone with veins of black or grey throughout. Best attuned to the crown chakra, it is a guardian crystal that protects your home and belongings. It is believed to relieve pain, anxiety, and stress when things change. Considered to bring good luck and fortune of blessings, it can alter negative thoughts to positive bringing inner peace. It can also create a patience in you when facing negative people. Best of all, it is said to break bad habits and allow you to live in peace and harmony.

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