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Creating The Life You Want

        We sweat a lot and take the time to create and design our homes, our wardrobes, a personal website, or even a vacation. But what if we put all that effort into designing our lives? Here are some tips on becoming the creator of your reality. You can design your life!       

The Universe is a Reflection

If you are a slave to negative chatter, you cannot attract fabulous potential. That’s because the Universe mirrors back to you what you are thinking and feeling. It’s literally a reflection of what you truly feel you can or can’t attain. For example, if you are worrying about your finances, you will attract more trouble around your finances. While you cannot banish fears or thoughts, you can pull yourself away from negative chatter with some effort. You can design your life with divine joy and happiness.

Refer to Your Memory Bank

Every one of us has a memory bank filled with positive thoughts, and we can use those positive thoughts to counteract the negative ones that bring us down. Your positive thoughts may include the birth of your first child, falling in love, achieving a goal on your bucket list, or all of these things combined! Be sure to tune into these gorgeous memories whenever you begin to fall into a scenario of negative thinking.

Don’t Fuel Your Sadness

Because emotions follow thoughts, negative thinking often produces sadness. It’s vitally important to know that the type of sadness that follows a breakup or loss of a job, for example, is real and you should never avoid it. But you certainly shouldn’t constantly dwell on it either. Instead, you need to gracefully move into allowing insight to blossom and take root. Every cloud has a silver lining, although we may not know what it is at first. Insight cannot penetrate a dark cloud, making it difficult to design your life the way you want it.

Change the Channel in Your Head

It will take focus, but with time you can become very masterful at exchanging positive memories for disappointing ones. Try to imagine your thoughts being a TV screen, and with remote in hand, you can simply change the channel if you don’t like the show your mind is portraying via your thoughts. In order to design your life, you need to understand balance, gravity, and other earthly laws.

Linear Timing or Divine Timing?

Everything has a gestation period. For example, it can take 14 – 21 days for a carrot to sprout. There is a gestation period for all things in Creation, including success in business, a career, or even the process needed for a relationship to take root. But because life moves so fast, we often feel stress when our desired outcome does not manifest quickly. We also become anxious and begin to generate fear-based thoughts which cause even more anxiety. This is a good time to reach out to a life path psychic to confirm whether you need to be patient or whether you need to get a better idea of your challenges. A well-meaning friend may offer sympathy, but will not be able to give you a detailed roadmap that will enable you to regain your optimism like a psychic can.

Detours and Updated

It’s the spark of passion that manifests your outcome and helps you design your life. However, like any project, there are detours and updates. The Universe is constantly expanding, so you have to go with it. If you go against the natural flow of creation, it leads to limited speech, thoughts, and actions. Begin to ask open-ended questions instead of making closed-in conclusions. Ask, “What else is possible? How is this serving me? Is there any other way of doing this?” This will throw a curveball into any setbacks you perceive when you design your life.

Fake It Until You Make It

The World is not as it was 20 years ago, 10 years ago, or even 3 years ago. Our sense of time is at warp speed. If you can imagine that your potential outcome has already happened, and feel the good emotions around this achievement, you ignite the spark that moves this energy into becoming a reality. Because you are walking and talking with the confidence of one who has achieved your goal, even though you are playacting, everything will shift in response to you and quite possibly accelerate the event. You then need only to catch up to it in linear timing.

Change Your Story

We all tell ourselves stories based on the disappointments we’ve endured. There is not one soul alive who has not been betrayed, cheated on, lied to, bullied, or taken advantage of. Everyone will feel the grief around the loss of a loved one. Each one of us will also experience falling in love, having great adventures and laughing with our friends. This is all part of life. Begin to look at the stories you tell yourself. Begin to change your script! Imagine a different story. Create a vision map to help you tune into the emotions and passions of your new story. Slowly, you’ll begin to see changes. Like falling snow, it will accumulate. Soon your life will have changed into what you imagined or better.

The Art of Allowing

This is the most difficult step of the process. Because we judge everything as being good or bad, or want things to happen immediately, we cannot see when a setback is actually a blessing in disguise.Here’s Colleen’s story: Colleen called me because she wanted to triple her income within 5 years. She used all the tools above and was happy to get her promotion. Then a year later, she lost her job. She had no prospects in her field, and I encouraged her to stay in her city and follow her dream as a freelance consultant. She had always been afraid it would not provide a steady income. However, it was now or never, and the the timing was right.

Colleen wanted to triple her income within 5 years. She used all the tools above and was delighted when she got her promotion. Then a year later, she was laid off. She had no prospects in her field, and I encouraged her to stay in her city and follow her dream as a freelance consultant. She had always been afraid it would not provide a steady income. However, it was now or never, and the cards revealed that the timing was right.

It began slowly, and fortunately, Colleen had some savings to get her through some rough patches. Within two years she hired a few employees to help her. Three years later she got an office space and expanded. That year she achieved and surpassed her dream of tripling her income. Initially, she thought being laid off was a setback. But it was actually the Universe helping her achieve her goal. She would never have been able to achieve that financial goal continuing to work for someone else.

Colleen’s story teaches us that in order to have the Universe assist us, we must step back and entrust that we will have our needs met without excessive effort. We must simply expect it. And we must also realize that what we view as a setback may be a blessing in disguise. Colleen designed her perfect work scenario, including her income, and then felt the joy and passion of manifesting this dream.The Universe arranges the details. You only need to follow through by responding to whatever occurs in a proactive manner.

Colleen had a choice! She chose to take these steps after getting laid off, but she also could have chosen to continue looking for a position or start training for another type of employment. What is important is that she was ready to promote her dream. Timing is everything. Like a surfer, we need to get on the wave when the opportunity comes.

Unfolding Your Destiny

When you follow your path with dedication and love, you stay true to your heart’s desire and ultimately design your life. As a psychic, I am here to help you stay on track and show you your options so you can design your life. Your life does not exist in a vacuum. You have free will that needs to be exercised, and decisions need to be made in order for your life’s destiny to unfold.

It’s never too late to become a creator. Like any designer, you may need to try different color schemes, or renovate your blueprint. Just remember and have faith that all is moving in the right direction, even if you do not see the results as of yet. Victory loves planning, and a psychic can help you distinguish when to strive, and when to relax.

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