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Couples with No Sexual Chemistry

Couples with No Sexual ChemistrySome of the best zodiac signs will meet a partner and the sexual chemistry will be through the roof.  They want to spend time together and they can’t keep each other out of the bed.  On the other hand, other zodiac signs will get together and there won’t be any sexual chemistry, at least not when the relationship starts.  When this happens, it can make the relationship feel awkward.

When people click, there is a lot that is happening in their body and no one really knows why the chemistry isn’t always there.  Sometimes, when the universe is not aligned, it can cause the chemistry to not be there.  Also, depending on the sign, it can be a sign that might not should be together.

There are signs in the astrological chart that shows people who they should be with and how much chemistry they will have with each other.  If the zodiac pairs up two people that have hardly any sexual chemistry, chances are that this can be challenging in the relationship and can end up as a disaster.

Sexual relationships might feel strange at first, but it doesn’t mean they won’t come to life.  Each individual might need to teach the other person on what they want and make them more compatible with their partner.  Sometimes this is not easy, but it might be worth it.

Leo and Cancer

A Leo and Cancer might have no sexual chemistry because they approach the relationship in different ways.  The Cancer will need to be emotionally loved and the Leo is spontaneous and is not good with someone that craves to be nurtured.

When there are such major differences, this can cause the sexual energy to not be there.  All relationships can work, of course, and if you are a Cancer dating a Leo, you have to just need to understand that you might need someone in your life that complements you more.

Its not saying a Cancer and a Leo can’t work, but they might have a hard time understanding each other in the relationship.

Sagittarius and Virgo

Another couple that might not have the sexual chemistry is the Sagittarius and Virgo.  This can be because of where they are on the astrological chart.  The planets are at a 90-degree separation and this can lead to planets that do not bring about the sexual chemistry.

These two signs will most likely end up arguing even when they are trying to be flirty or playful.  The Virgo wants to be perfect and will have a hard time understanding why the Sagittarius is always so happy.  They won’t know how to have fun together.

Aquarius and Capricorn

Even though the Aquarius and Capricorn are right beside each other in the heavens, this can be a bad relationship.  This team hardly ever has great sexual chemistry and they have a hard time working their personalities out so they can get along.  The Capricorn wants to be practical and demanding while the Aquarius is adventurous and fun.  This can turn each one off.

If these two find themselves together, chances are they will have to work hard to make the relationship really work.  They will have a hard time seeing things the same and will have to work on understanding each other.

Leo and Pisces

The Leo and Pisces are called a quincunx aspect which means they are 150 degrees apart on the astrological chart.  Those in this quincunx will not understand one another and will be very different.  They will be hard to see each other as common and will have a hard time working well together.

The Leo will want to have attention, fun and be exciting while the Pisces wants romance and love.  These two together can be hard to get along and they have personalities that will clash.  This will make it hard for them to connect and having sexual chemistry will be hard because they will have such a hard time understanding each other.

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