Connecting to Your Higher Self

Connecting to Your Higher Self

Your higher self is a great thing. Have you ever felt like everything in your life was going perfectly and that nothing seemed to be wrong? You have the best job, and your relationship is better than ever?

When things are good in your life, it could mean that you are letting your higher self-guide you. Before anyone was even born, there was an intention that was set, a purpose that you had. Once you reach your higher self, you can find out what your purpose is, and it can bring joy.

Reaching your higher self is something that can be exciting, and you never have to guess if you are making the connection, you will just know.

What is the Higher Self?

Even though people call it the higher self, the higher self is your soul. This is also called the inner being or your spiritual being.

This is the parts of you that are real and the parts of you that allow your intuition to guide you. You can even hear things in your spirit that tell you what you need to do. Your higher self is what tells you what your purpose is and what you need.

Your physical body is only a part of what happens to you and your soul is the biggest picture of who you are.

Connecting to Your Higher Self

Since the higher self is you, reaching it will make you feel:

  • Peaceful, calm and happy.
  • You will trust others.
  • You will be sensitive to the signs the universe gives you.
  • You will reach your goals.
  • You will feel healthy.

Being Disconnected to Your Higher Self

You will never be able to fully disconnect to your higher self but sometimes you will be less connected than other times. You can know that you are not connected when you feel:

• Worried or stress.
• Unable to make decisions.
• Angry or resentful.
• Unforgiving.
• Getting caught up in silly things.
• Distracted.
• Feeling off.

Once you become disconnected, you will need to change your mindset and get things back on track so that you can feel good.

Connecting with Your Higher Self

Here are some ways that you can bring joy and peace in your life as you connect with your higher self:


One of the best ways to reach your higher self is to meditate. This is a way that you can calm your mind and bring peace to your life. This is a way that you can tune into what you need and see what you can do better.

Meditating can help you to open up to your intentions. Meditating takes time and practice but when you deep breathe and relax, you can get there. If your mind starts to wonder, just refocus. You can even try yoga or group meditation to help keep you on track.


Journaling allows you to stay in touch with what you are feeling. You can write down whatever comes to your mind and there is nothing to hold you back. Journaling can allow you to say things that you normally wouldn’t say.

You will be more aware of what you need and who you are once you journal.

Positive Mantras

You can start saying a phrase that makes you feel good. Some will say things like, “My soul is well.” Or other things that can keep them connected. No matter what is going on, rather negative or positive, by saying a positive mantra you can get yourself connected.

Think of something that is a common phrase or make one up on your own. This should be something that is personal that can help you connect with your being.


Try to do something that keeps you relaxed and feeling great. You might need to take a salt bath, go on a retreat or read a book. Doing this can raise your vibrations and help you be at a peaceful state. Here are some ideas:

  • Sing a song.
  • Dance even when you are busy.
  • Draw, paint or color something. By being creative, you can reach your higher self. This allows you to focus on something exciting.
  • Taking a salt or bubble bath can help you to relax and wash away your worries.
  • Be active. By just going for a walk, you can get your body, mind and spirit moving. Go out in nature and sit in the dirt or sit by a tree. This can also open up your chakras.

Final Thoughts

Life is not always easy but when you learn to relax and take care of who you are, you can see that you can reach your higher self. When you feel tired, anxious or frustrated, do something that helps you reach your higher self. This can help you to feel good and to be prepared for whatever life brings you.