Communicating with the Dead

Communicating with the Dead

Death is something that is going to happen to everyone. If you say that you aren’t afraid of dying, chances are that you are lying about that. A loved one dying and you dying yourself are probably the two most fearful deaths for people. When you lose someone, you love, you will feel sad and feel that they have left you forever.

What would happen though if you didn’t have to feel sad after a loved one left? What if you believed that someone that died was still there to be able to talk to you? Some believe that no one ever really dies and that the spirit still stays around for a lifetime.

It is believed, even though science hasn’t proven it, that some people can still talk to you after they have died. Some believe that they still have a consciousness that stays around the world to speak to people that know them.

Signs You May Be Communicating with the Dead

Here are some signs that you might look for to see if the dead is trying to communicate with you:


There is a saying that “pennies come from heaven.” So, when you see a penny on the ground, it could be that your loved one is sending you a message.


Smells such as tobacco, smoke, perfume or even the smell of certain foods can mean that your loved one is trying to get ahold of you. If you smell something that your grandpa used to wear such as a certain kind of body splash, they might be close.


Many believe that a loved one can talk to you in your dreams. They might come to you to give you a message and when you dream about them, they are trying to talk to you.


Having a windchime is often believed to ring when a spirit is close. This can be a sound that you never heard the windchime make before. As the wind goes through the chime, it can change due to the pressure of the air. Some believe that the air pressure is different when dead people come along.

Numbers, Signs, Symbols, Feathers or Rocks

These things all fit together when looking for a sign. You might find a feather out of nowhere or see a rock that is your favorite color. There could be signs on a billboard or repeating numbers. All of these things could be telling you that a spirit is close.


People often believe that when a cardinal is close, it is a loved one that has passed on. Others believe that a crow in your area could be a dead warlord.


Music or songs that come on the radio might make you think of a loved one that has died. If you find that this is happening often, you might believe that your loved one is trying to get your attention. Is that your dead grandmother’s favorite song? Pay attention to the signs.


Pictures tell so much about what is going on, but a picture cannot speak. If you are looking at pictures of someone that has passed on, look for patterns that spell out words or check for orbs.


Many believe that when the lights flicker, it could be that your device isn’t working right, or it could mean that your dead loved one is trying to let you know that they are around. If the television turns off and on or the garage door opens on its own, this could be a sign.

Final Thoughts

If you are hoping to speak to your loved one that has passed to the other side, look for signs. And, if you want to give your loved ones a way to communicate with you once you die, create a phrase that you can tell your loved one. Make this phrase something that you won’t hear very often. Then, when you die, you can repeat that phrase to them and they will know that you are around.

Death might seem scary but if you believe that your loved ones can communicate with you from the other side, chances are that it will give you some kind of comfort.