Cleansing Your Aura Like a Pro

Lavender Oil

Do you find that you have been tired lately or you have felt negative instead of your normal positive self? Are your friends avoiding you because you are being too much lately? If so, you might need to cleanse your aura.

Your aura is where your energies are, and it is a shield outside of your body that helps to keep you strong and healthy. When your aura picks up energy though, it picks up both good and bad. This is the place where your emotions lie and where your thoughts come from. Your aura is reflected around you in colors and when it is strong, it makes you feel good but when it is weak, it can affect your mood.

Every piece of energy you run into goes to your aura. It can be from people or your environment. You will be able to understand the energies that you pick up with your aura as you understand how you read the energy of other people. Do you ever get a bad vibe about someone? That is their energy.

The energy that you pick up on will go to your aura and you will process this energy in your mind and body. People will do this to you, and you do it to them. You will ask someone how they are feeling because you are able to pick up their energy in your aura.

Cleansing the Aura

Your aur needs to be cleansed when you are around a lot of negativity. You can know this is needed when you feel anxious or down. If you are worried or stressed, or if you are being overly judgmental, this can be a time to cleanse your aura as well.

Here are some ways to cleanse your aura:

Lavender Oil

One easy way to cleanse your aura is to use lavender oil. This is an essential oil, and you can smell it, or you can put it in your area. Dab some on your pillow or put it in your bath.


Imagine a white light going around you. If your aura is lacking, imagine any holes being sealed up with the white light. Let your mind scan your aura to see anything that needs to be fixed and then fix it.

Salt Water

Salt and water are healing things and you can use them to cleanse your aura. Add some salt to your bath or put some salt in a spray bottle with water and cleanse your area with it. Close your eyes and meditate while you are doing this to lift your spirit.


You can set intentions and make sure that your energies are strong. This can bring healing and help you to feel good. If you are around negative people, you need to set intentions to remove the negative energy.

Tell your heart energy to be strong and allow the energy of your aura to be lifted. This is for your higher good.

Final Thoughts

Cleansing your aura is important if you want to be healthy in your body and your soul. You can clear your aura, and this can bring you peace and joy. Do what it takes to keep your energy positive and strong so that you can stay healthy and happy.