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Feelings have to do with everything we do in our lives, how we drive, what kind of things we buy, when we have kids and just about everything.

When you need coffee when you wake up, that is because you feel that you need it. A person that is clairsentient sees their feelings much more than just intuition or emotions. This is feelings on a higher level, and it is more than just liking or not liking something.

The vibrations and the energies that we pick up around us can come through feelings that the clairsentient has such as taste, hearing, feeling something and even visions or memories. These different things can trigger certain emotions.

Everyone is different and even psychics do not do any readings the same. This is something that cannot be copied, and it can happen without you even realizing what you are seeing. If you are clairsentient and you want to see this gift being stronger, you just have to have an open mind and heart and let messages come to you.


Clair is a French word and it was combined in the 17th century with the word sentient to mean feeling or sensing things. This means that a person that is clairsentient will clearly sense or get information or they will feel things.

This is a deeper level than just using your five senses and it comes with the abilities to see things that other people cannot see or feel. You can see this on some television shows or movies, but this is real and much more powerful than the movies even show.

Are You Clairsentient?

A clairsentient is someone that is gentle and kind. They love to listen to others, and they do not want people to give them special attention or call them out. They want to listen and observe others and are generally quiet people.

A person with these abilities can pick up the emotions that others have, like an empath, and if they are in a large group of people, chances are their powers can leave them feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Clairsentients are often said to be overly sensitive and they pick up the energy in the room. They have emotions that give them strong feelings and they are good at reading situations and people.

Psychic Ability

Most people that want to be psychic want to have powerful powers such as seeing visions or being able to move objects with their mind, but the truth is, being a clairsentient is an amazing psychic gift. Not everyone can be sensitive to the emotions nor can everyone understand why people act the way that they do.

People that are clairsentient will not have to interact with someone for years to understand them, they just automatically will, and they will be much more accepting of people where others tolerate them.

Clairsentients can figure out the problems in most situations, even when the problem is hidden or deep. They can figure out problems that couples are having and they can understand people through their deep feelings.

If you are talking to a clairsentient to guide you, chances are you have picked the perfect person for yourself because they will always be there to have your interests in mind. Do not try to hide your real feelings because they already know what you are feeling.

Is it a Curse?

Being a clairsentient medium can give you the abilities to communicate with the spirit world and to talk to lost loved ones and even animals. They can help to give messages and to fill in missing spaces in your life.

This is not about just contacting the dead, but it is about relating with different experiences of joy, happiness, pain, disappointment, and all and being able to relay these messages to someone that probably doesn’t have the same gift.

Being a clairsentient can be trying and can be emotional. This is something that requires a lot of effort because it can cause people to be upset and hurt and the clairsentient must learn to take care of themselves. They need to constantly be recharging their mind and heart so that they can benefit the people they want to help.

Clairsentient Empath

Someone that is a clairsentient empath is someone that bases all of their feelings on their environment. They are kind and loving and compassionate, but they pick up the feelings and emotions of the whole room.

Being this kind of psychic can leave you feeling tired, stressed, and overwhelmed and this has to be addressed if you have this gift.


Clairsentients have strong abilities and they are able to hear and see things differently than the rest of the world. No two clairsentients are the same and if they are doing a reading, the readings will be completely different because of the energies that surround them.

When you talk to a clairsentient empath, you will need to know that they will automatically pick up your emotions and will feel what you are feeling as if it is on a big screen in front of them.

They will be able to look at you and the people in your life and will be able to tell you about your love, your partner, how much someone loves you and what kind of feelings you are connected with. This will be a strong connection and they can even talk to you about your past and future.

A clairsentient reading can tell you about what is going on in your life and how your everyday things you do has to do with your future. This creates a feeling of authenticity and can bring you healing and creativity into your life, help you find your soulmate or just help you to feel safe where you are.

This power can be stronger than what you are afraid of and can help you with your worries. Nothing is clearer than a vision and a reading when you are seeking one.

Is it for You?

When you need answers or you need to know the truth about something, a clairsentient reading might be perfect for you. Maybe you need to know if your partner is cheating or why you cannot find love.

Getting a reading can bring you peace and healing and help you to understand your own emotions and how they play a role in your life. This can also help you to understand things you are going through in your past, present and future.

If you are looking for love and inner peace, talk to a clairsentient and see how much they can help you.

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