Changing For The Better You


        Amost everyone are waiting for the new year to make changes as it is an ideal time to clear the slate and set fresh goals, from trying to eat healthier to making more time for your hobbies.  It isn’t January 1st anymore but it isn’t too late. Some of us may need more than just some well-intention resolutions, however, and might be looking to make a more significant change in our lives.

Whether your change involves career, relationships or lifestyle, making over your whole life is an exciting, yet daunting, challenge. To get through this transition successfully, first ask yourself these five questions.

1. What’s My Motivation?
Why you want to make a change can be just as important as the change itself. However, without the right kind of motivation, your chances of failing or losing steam are far greater. If you want to make a change to impress others, earn approval or some other external form of validation, you probably want to rethink making this shift. Likewise if you just went through a tough personal situation, your emotions may get in the way of making a rational decision. A major life change should be for you and for you alone, and it needs to happen when you have the peace of mind to properly weather any challenges you may face during the process.

2. Are My Expectations Realistic?
What do you hope to gain from this major life change and where do you expect to be in a month or even a year from now? Be cautiously optimistic so that you don’t get discouraged if your change doesn’t produce the results you expect right away. Set reasonable benchmarks and goals so you can feel motivated when you meet them.

3. How Can I Hold Myself Accountable?
Figure out an accountability and/or reward system so that you can continue down your new path with enthusiasm. Enlist a friend or family member with whom you can check in, or develop some kind of incentive-based structure as you reach certain milestones or complete the various steps.

4. What’s the First Step I Need to Take?
Often, the first step is the hardest. Therefore, you should identify what you need to do to get yourself started on the new path you’ve chosen. You may need to map out your steps in order to truly understand what needs to happen first. Once you take that initial move toward change, you’ll be on your way!

5. Is Now the Right Time?
Be honest with yourself if this is the best time to make this major life change. Evaluate your work situation, your personal life, your finances and your current emotional state, looking for any red flags that might hinder your progress right now.