Better to Be in a Relationship or Be Single?


When someone is single, they sometimes think that being single is horrible but other people think it is the best thing ever. When someone in a relationship will think that there is nothing like love. Which person is right? Is it better to be single or to be in a relationship?

Being Single

There are many great things about being single such as the fact that you only have to care about yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are selfish and if you choose what movies you are going to watch or if you always get to pick the restaurant to eat at.

Another thing about being single is that you get to date and go out and meet new people while doing fun things. If you meet new people that you want to date, you will not be lonely at night and you will be having fun.

Being in a Relationship

Relationships are great because you get to share your life with someone, and you aren’t alone. This means that you can spend time doing things with your partner.

If you are in a healthy relationship, you can meet up with friends, go to the movies or go to the park. You can go on fun dates and you can have fun with your partner. You will still have time alone, as long as your relationship is healthy, and so you will love the relationship life.

Another great thing about being in a relationship is that you can spend all of the romantic holidays with your partner, giving each other gifts and doing some amazing stuff. It means you won’t spend the holidays alone and you can even choose whose family you visit.

Being single or being in a relationship is a choice, but people are not really meant to be alone. People are best when they are in some kind of relationship. Even though people need alone time, this is not something that you want all the time because relationships give you value and experiences that you won’t have otherwise.

Great Things About Being Single

  • Can choose what you want to do.
  • Don’t have to wait for someone else to make a decision.
  • Can go on your own vacations.
  • Don’t have to please anyone.
  • Can hang out with friends and family as much as you want.

Great Things About Being in a Relationship

  • You are never alone.
  • You have someone to turn to when things are hard.
  • You can choose fun dates and adventures to do together.
  • Your life is fulfilling.
  • You get to hang out with someone you love all the time.

Choosing what you want out of life is always going to be your choice. Embrace life and have fun.