Being in a One-Sided Relationship

One-Sided Relationship

No relationship is going to be perfect all of the time. There are things that happen in life that can cause a relationship to go through hard times. Of course, when these times happen, they shouldn’t last and should be temporary. But, if you see that this stuff is happening all the time and things never seem to be great, chances are that you are in a one-sided relationship. Maybe you need to put your energy elsewhere.

Here are some signs that your relationships might be one-sided:


Even though you should apologize when you do something wrong, if you feel that you are constantly having to say that you’re sorry, you might be in a one-sided relationship. If you find that you are trying to always keep the peace or that it’s not worth fighting with your partner, you need to talk to your partner. They need to take responsibility for their own parts in what is going on in the relationship.


Everyone in a relationship needs to give sacrifices and to compromise. You should have your own goals and values, but they should fit in with what your partner wants. Even if you have to compromise, this is normal, but you shouldn’t be the only one making these changes.

No Connection

You will have a hard time having a good relationship if you feel that you and your partner aren’t connected. When you are always trying to figure out if you have a connection or not or if your partner doesn’t seem that interested in you, there might be no connection at all. Stop allowing yourself to be vulnerable and to stay in a one-sided relationship.


You should feel very secure in your relationship. If you are constantly worried that your partner is going to leave you or break up with you, your relationship might be one-sided. You shouldn’t have to worry that your partner is going to stay mad at you if you mess up or say the wrong thing and if your partner is making you feel that way, you deserve something better.

Lying About the Relationship

Having relationship problems is normal but if you are always making an excuse about your relationship, there might be problems brewing. You know that you want to have a good relationship and if your partner isn’t trying to make that happen, you are probably in a one-sided relationship. Constantly feeling that you have to lie to make the relationship look better is also a bad sign.

You Handle Most of It

Do you pay all the bills, clean the house alone and do all of the cooking? Is every chore put on you because your partner isn’t giving into the relationship? You need to make sure that these things are a shared thing or something that you do together. If you are the one always doing stuff, the relationship is probably one-sided.

Being Too Much

Being too much is almost as bad as not being enough. When you have a partner that is always telling you that you are too much, he probably doesn’t feel the same about the relationship as you do. When you feel that you are always putting in too much into the relationship and you get no appreciation or you are “too much” for saying something, you need to look further into what is going wrong in the relationship.

Making Time for Each Other

Do you feel that you are always giving all of your time, but you aren’t getting that in return? You should never have to beg your partner to spend quality time with you. If your partner seems to busy to “fit you in,” then this relationship might be doomed.