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Being an Empath, Struggles and All

Empaths are people that pick up the emotions and feelings of others and sometimes these feelings are positive but sometimes they are negative.

An empath will struggle each day with those feelings because they are so compassionate and intense. This can cause them to not be able to know their emotions from those around them.

Being an empath is an amazing gift, but it doesn’t come without costs. An empath is often seen as lazy or needy and they often have problems such as depression or pain because of their gifting.

Here are some struggles that empaths often face:

Watching Movies or News

An empath has a hard time watching violence or other things on television that are scary or tragic. This can be good for other people, but an empath has a hard time watching television because of their feelings.

An empath can become drained fast and watching shows that are upsetting can cause this to happen fast.

Saying No

Empaths do not often have the abilities to tell others no. This can be hard for them because they always want to help others.

If you are an empath, you need to set boundaries and learn to say no.


Empaths know when people are lying or when they are trying to be fake. They love others but they would rather be alone than be with someone that is going to cause them pain.

Leaving Home

An empath has a hard time focusing and a hard time going places because of the negativity. Someone that has these emotions all the time have a hard time being in public places.

These types of places can cause an empath to become overwhelmed and to feel drained.

Addictive Behaviors

Empaths are always trying to figure out a way to feel better. They have strong emotions, and they want to protect themselves.

Sometimes an empath will get addicted to things like drugs or alcohol so that they can feel better and preserve themselves.


Empaths like to wake up alone. They have a need to be able to share their emotions, but they sometimes are better off if they have rest.

Sleep is something that can help someone to recharge and an empath needs to be around people that are able to be caring and understanding and it is hard to find someone to understand them sometimes.


An empath might have a hard time keeping a job because being around negative things can cause them to struggle.

They are good at what they do but they often become bored fast and have a hard time picking a successful career.


Empaths need to have time alone. They need to get to spend time by themselves so that they can calm down and rest.


Empaths are not lazy, but they are often tired. This happens because they are too emotional, and they think all the time.

Even when an empath is rested, they can get tired really fast and they sometimes suffer from mental illnesses.

Taken Advantage of

People that are empaths are often used by others because they are so giving of themselves. They want to help everyone and take away their pain.

These people will want to help even strangers and it is easy to dump your emotions on an empath because of this.


An empath loves to be stimulated and they like to work or do school but sometimes they become bored easily.

When an empath is over stimulated, it can cause them to not get the down time that they need. An empath needs to be entertained and they struggle with getting bored fast.

Life is never easy for an empath and they struggle with things such as intimacy and other things that are easy for other people. Since they are so emotional, they sometimes have to pay a big price for their gifting.

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