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Awakened Souls and Psychic Abilities

Awakened Souls and Psychic AbilitiesThroughout time people have been guided by psychic phenomena. Even studies have been completed on parapsychology, but most are considered pseudoscience out of fear. Psychic sensitivities can be classified into feelings if there are in fact two living worlds existing at the same time. These two worlds are the material and the spirit world. The spirit world is made of thought, energy, and vibrations that carry into the material world.

Being a psychic goes beyond fortune telling because psychics are sensitive enough to awaken extraordinary abilities. Others allow their abilities to remain hidden because the Kundalini to sleep. In ways, all psychic phenomena are underlying of spiritual awakening. This is true even though these abilities are often considered false, fake, or made-up when they are part of the soul evolution.

Psychic abilities vary greatly from person to person. Some do dream study or soul seeking relationships, while others practice energy reading, scrying, or a host of other abilities. Psychic phenomena is fundamental to the nature of spiritual awakening and an understanding of the world’s energy.

Psychic readings may be about reading a soul’s blueprint for healing or using extrasensory perception to understand reality and the world hidden around us. These synchronicities contain subtle patterns of endless wonder that the spirit world allows us to see. The patterns, totems, visions, and messages guide us on the path to discovery. Having these patterns revealed to psychics are what allows them to help others on their own transformational journeys.

The spirit world connects the soul to everything in the collective consciousness of both worlds. When a psychic looks into another’s life they do so using clairsentience or claircognizance. Channeling is being interconnected to the world as is the ability of precognition. This is the ability of the psychic to see into the future of others. There are many others, but psychic ability is all interconnected with the awakening experience.

Best Known Abilities

Everyone has inborn psychic abilities that can be developed with practice. The intuitive application of this energy is the basis for delivering energy based healing. The most common types of abilities are explained below.


Clairaudience, also known as clear hearing, channeling, or transmediumship, is an ability that allows one to gather information from the spirit realm. A person who allows their mind and body to be used as a channel can bring psychic healing to others. Channeling is the ability to hear noises that are not nearby, like bells, tones, and songs from the spirits. Some people argue that these clairaudients are making it up and they are judged as crazy, but the words come so rapidly that it cannot be fake.


Clairsentience, also known as clear sense, is receiving knowledge about the world with no known source for the knowledge. This type of psychic senses things through emotion or physical feelings. This is often connected to energy reading and the person probably has no idea where the feeling originated, it simply occurs.


Also known as clear seeing, clairvoyants have visions. This is different from seers who can see the past and future. Clairvoyants see through the mind’s eye to view object, words, or even people. Many clairvoyants describe what they envision toward another as well as see auras, energies, or even guides. The visions seem to appear like a dream or watching a movie.


Clear knowing, or claircognizance, is the ability to know something as a gut feeling. They can often answer questions without any background knowledge on the topic.


Clear scent is always interesting because of the randomness. Someone who is a clairscentist will smell things that are not present, like oranges, peppermint, or even smoke. They are likely picking up on the people who are around or loved ones that are sharing collective consciousness.


Those with clear taste can taste things without even putting them in their mouth. This can range from food and drink to cigarettes. When someone with clairgustant is doing a reading, they may drink water to receive taste from the other person.


Clear touching is better known as psychometry in which a person can touch an object and perceive information. The owner of the object imprints a history on it. If this becomes problematic for a reader, cleansing rituals will help.


Clear emotion readers, or empaths, can psychically attune to another’s emotions. This can work with people, places, or animals. An empath can feel physical or emotional needs within themselves as they take in the vibrations of others, even at a distance. This can include body or skin sensations, like your leg hurting when someone else has broken theirs.

Distance Healing

Distance healing is known for the ability to perceive a situation and offer a diagnosis from a distance, then send healing energy. This is common with reiki and energetic healing for those who can send energy over time and space.


Divination comes in multiple ways, but is about gaining psychic information through spirits or seeing the future using tarot, crystals, or other methods. It is focused on understanding the inner mind.


Dowsing rods and pendulums are used in dowsing as tools. These transfer energy through spiritual information about a situation. This is most common for finding lost items or answering yes/no type questions.

Healing Hands

Hands on healing is most often associated with reiki, but other methods can be involved. This is the ability to direct healing energy toward another person through touch, often massage, so that they may open up to source energy. This can also be used in energy shifting, group meditations, or even distant subjects.


Psychonautics are mind based techniques, also called mind exploration, that can be done in multiple ways in order to stimulate the mind toward personal awakening and transformation. Mind altering substances or activities such as hypnosis, sacred medicine, music, sound therapy, or similar are used.


When we dream about future events or get a sense something is about to happen, it is precognition. These type dreams are meant to tell us something or act as a warning that is personal in nature. Precognitive dreams can be more serious as spiritual growth occurs. There is no way to stop or advance them, but inner knowledge helps with interpretation. Dream recording or journaling can help if you have this ability.


Projection is the ability to sense, see, or visit realities through interdimensional travel. Astral travel can be used without leaving the body in a form of inner mind work that requires deep exploration. However, astral projection is the ability to actually leave the body and explore the fourth dimension.


The ability to perceive memories or visions of the past is known as retrocognition. This is often used in past life regression therapy, but is about perceiving knowledge about our pasts and incarnations. These memories are deeply suppressed within our cognitive blueprint. For some, these memories appear as flashbacks or visions in which we suddenly remember something that we have gone through or felt before. It is so vivid that it can be hard to realize it is not happening in that moment.

Shamanic Work

There is an art to energetic walking between dimensions and worlds. This requires all intuitive abilities and often an altered state. Abilities such as soul retrieval, healing, delivery from energy blocks, or life cords are included. There are several areas under this heading.


A connection with a nonlocal reality to induce change is a spiritual technique. This includes the use of different forms of prayer, meditation with contemplation, and nonlocal healing.


Telepathy is intuitive and based on conversations that are in the future. The thoughts that enter are not your own, but being channeled. This is about being a receptive channel with all beings on the field of energy. Thought waves are continually transmitted by our bodies and telepathy receives them.


Creative visualization is the mental process of creating visual imagery to recreate the reality you wish to imprint. This creates a mind’s eye picture of that which needs to be manifested. This is a powerful technique used in the laws of attraction, affirmations, intention setting, and dream work.


We continually manifest as we share our thoughts with the world, but most of us do not realize it is happening. Conscious manifestation or intentionality, is when we focus our thoughts toward what we want to manifest through subconscious work. This requires setting a positive intention to align with what we want. Everything exists first in the ethereal world, then manifests in reality.

Spiritual awakening is interconnected with psychic phenomena in a variety of ways. It can be impressive to see someone transform as their abilities are developed. Once we awaken these abilities they grow stronger and we are more awakened as we push ourselves to new limits.

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