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Are You Responsive to the Gift of Intuition?

Are You Responsive to the Gift of Intuition?We have all experienced such moments.

You have a pit feeling in your stomach immediately after doing something.

Or maybe you meet someone who makes you shivers. The person seems nice but there’s something about him that turns you off and you don’t know what it is.

Your body responds physiologically to situations because there’s a reason why. It’s just warning that something is not okay. What’s important is whether you’ll ignore it or listen to it.

It’s difficult to scientifically explain what intuition is hence the reason why it frequently gets lumped into the New Age-y world of crystals and mysticism. However, one of the greatest scientists that ever live Albert Einstein. acknowledged the power of intuition. He trusted that “the intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.” He also embraced the fact that “we’ve created a society that honors the servant that has forgotten the gift.”

If scientists can make intuition part of their lives, then who are you not to. You have the ability to be more intuitive. You just have to embrace and acknowledge it.

Below are methods you can follow to become more responsive to intuition:

Slow down

You need to take a walk by yourself, enjoy the silence in a quiet place. By doing so you’ll know when intuition strikes.

Be compassionate towards other people

You don’t necessarily need to have the ability to read people’s minds to have intuitive power but you just have to empathetic towards others. Use your observational powers to watch for cues of tone, body language, and voice; do not listen to reply but listen to understand. By being compassionate towards others you’ll be able to discover your intuitive powers.

Even when you are in the shower, practice mindfulness

When you pay attention to the present and the moment you get rid of all the negativities and give room for intuitive insights.

Cultivate a mindset of growth

Those who the ability to learn new skills which is the meaning of cultivating a mindset of growth have an easy time getting used to their intuition than those who possess a fixed mindset. Intuition flows freely when we embrace possibilities.

All that is creative to be nurtured

Art is not an objective. Producing art has no right or wrong way since they have endless possibilities. Creativity is linked to intuition since it fuels innovation. Therefore, you need to foster your inner creation by making time.

Know that your mind might be trying to communicate something to you

Have you ever had a dream? Do not brush it off but know that it might be your subconscious mind trying to communicate something to you so pay attention to it. When you reflect on what’s happening in your life you’ll realize that that dream is connected to what you’ve been thinking. And you might have a solution to that dilemma.

Know what interferes with you and your environment

The saying that you are a product of your environment is true. Take note of the individuals you interact and spend with. Do they think positively or negatively? Be aware also of the places you spend your time.

You have to create space for your intuition if you want to tap into it.

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