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Are You an Earth Angel? Here is How You Know

Are You an Earth Angel? Here is How You Know

You might feel that you are different from other people. You think in an entirely positive way and seek to be a light to others. You could be what is called an “earth angel.”

Earth angels, also called lightworkers, aren’t as mystic as the name denotes. They are simply people who are of such a pure heart they can’t tolerate negativity. They bring happiness to all those around them and seek to bring a small glimmer of hope in a dark world. They can’t stand intolerance or violence. They believe it is in the interest of everyone to live in harmony with the world.

An earth angel has subtle differences from the rest of the world. They are meek and subdued who avoid the spotlight. You notice when they aren’t there because of a major void.

Earth angels don’t argue because they feel it is pointless. They always stop to help others and are selfless. They have the best intentions and try to see the good in others. Always. They become emotional when they see hatred.

Here are six ways to know if you are an earth angel:

  1. You are more sensitive than most.

You are aware of the emotions of those around you. You are careful about what you say and what you do because you don’t wish to offend others. You are a peacemaker in stressful situations. You think humans are naturally good.

  1. You like isolation.

Earth angels tend to reflect and think about things. For this reason, you like to be alone to think. This also helps reduce the stress of the world and helps you take a break from society’s negativities. You love thinking freely without interruption.

  1. You are called to help others.

You are a caretaker by nature and love helping those in need. You participate in and initiate random acts of kindness. You believe this is a way to create a better world.

  1. You believe you have a higher calling.

You think there is a purpose beyond the daily grind and work should include something important. This doesn’t necessarily mean you believe in God, but you do believe there is something beyond our limitations. You believe everyone has a purpose or destiny.

  1. You have good intuition.

You get those “gut feelings” a lot and always trust them to exit uncomfortable or compromising situations. You use it readily and rely on instincts when reason fails you. You tend to believe in your soul-intuitive nature rather than your brain.

  1. You don’t like materialism or high-tech.

You don’t have any admiration for those who seek to make money to buy stuff. You don’t respect those who have a lot of stuff and don’t respond when they brag about their stuff. This is why you don’t care about technology. Although it can be helpful, people tend to be geared toward always updating their high-tech devices and need the latest and greatest. You don’t have that need.

Have you decided if you are an earth angel? If you are, be glad because the world needs more people like you!

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