Are Creating A Recipe For A Disastrous Relationship?

            You used to be very independent, very outgoing, carefree and you live your life the way you wanted to – Until you fell in love and you like that feeling of having someone to lean on… someone to turn to when things aren’t perfect…  someone to be with when you’re alone… It’s good to be in love but completely losing yourself with it spells disaster in the long run.
It is quite hard to admit that you became a different person or become fully dependent on your partner until the time comes you need to stand on your own. Listed below are signs that will tell you that you became too dependent on your man and that it’s time to change it.
8 Signs You Are So Dependent on a Man
1 – Low self-esteem is never good. If you depend on the man in your life to determine your value and self-worth they are always in jeopardy. Should your boyfriend make a slight negative comment in passing and you don’t eat for a week, you are being defined by a someone else. Your sense of self can go from great to miserable at the whim of another person. This is never good.
2 – A boyfriend taking you to dinner, or buying that expensive French hand bag you wanted, these are nice things. When your boyfriend pays all of your rent, buys your groceries and lets you drive his car at any time, his extreme generosity maybe going too far.
3 – If your man leaves, so goes your economic security. It is wise to have independence when dating. If you depend on a man like this and he ends it, you are left in the cold with nothing.
4 – If you feel responsible for his feelings, self-esteem, finances, happiness and well-being all of the time, you are taking on too much. When you take on the responsibility of making someone happy to the point where you are draining your bank account and missing work, you are not setting proper boundaries. 
5 – Constantly making excuses for his bad behavior towards you and others shows that you are oblivious to the reality of the relationship being horrible. Rationalizing remaining in bad relationship to yourself and others is living in a dream world. It is also a red flag. Do not let it get to the point where it ever becomes violent. Violent relationships do not get better with time. They only get worse.
6 – When all of your thoughts are about him 24/7, that is obsession. Your entire world should never revolve around one person. When it reaches the point where you have to call, text, Facebook and Snap chat around the clock, this is not love. It is neediness gone wild. Stalking is neither cute nor sexy. At this point you may need professional help.
7 – Nothing tears a relationship apart like jealousy. Everyone may feel a little envy inside. Allowing it to reach the point where your man cannot have any female friends, you check his emails, watch his house, deny him access to his friends, that kind of smothering behavior leads to a break up, fast. Good monogamous relationships have ended abruptly because of jealousy.
8 – Fearing that anything you say will destroy your relationship spells the end of honesty. Communication depends on candid expression. If you say only what you think he “wants to hear,” every conversation is like walking on eggshells. He will never know what you want, ever. Eventually you become frustrated because you live in constant fear that you may end your relationship with just one word. In love, never assume anything. Never agree, unless you really do.