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A Blocked Chakra

A Blocked ChakraWhen we are going through life, we have things happen to us that hold us back.  Sometimes life will teach us lessons and help us to grow.  What happens when you are stuck in the same spot over and over again and you are seeing patterns that prevent you from moving on in life.  This can be in relationships or in debt or in other problems that are blocking your chakra.


The chakra is a system from the Hindu that helps with healing.  This is as old as 2500 B.C. and it is when the energy moves through our bodies and impacts our health and our spiritual lives.  The chakra consists of seven different energy centers that are located in the body.

The first starts at the spine and goes to the top of the head and flows down to the seventh chakra.  Each one is a different color and smell and sound.  When one of these is blocked, it can make it hard for your mind to speak and to express yourself.

If there is a block in the fifth chakra, it means that you can have a hard time having relationships and you have no passion or intimacy.  If you have a blockage in the second chakra, it can affect your sexual identity.

When you are worried about finances and money, these are blocked chakras and these energy centers can take you to a place of healing if you let them and if you fix them.  You have to heal these chakras before you move on in life.

Balancing the Chakra

If you feel that your chakra is blocked and needs help, there are ways to help it such as:


Reiki is a healing technique that is from Japanese that reduces stress from the universe and restores energy.  In a reiki session, you might have a guide meditate and use lights and music to calm you.  This can boost your chakra.

Sound Healing

Sound healing is when a psychic performs healings with instruments such as flutes, drums, bells and more and the vibrations get your body back into line.  This can fix the chakras and help them to have positive energy.


Using crystals can help the vibrations to realign in your body.  If you are missing a friend, hold a crystal close to your heart and this can fix your chakra.  Try to rebalance your body with these crystals by putting them close to your energy center.


Aromatherapy can help your body to restore balance to your chakra.  Use lavender to help you sleep and other essential oils to help you to gain control of your chakra.  Each oil can help with different emotions.


Using meditation can fix certain chakras based on what stage of life you are in.  You can meditate while sitting quietly and repeating a mantra to yourself.  You can do this to be successful in your life.  Always journal your thoughts and this can rebalance your fifth chakra.

Nutritional Therapy

Different foods can fix different parts of your chakra.  Find foods that are healthy and good for you and find foods that are free from allergies and food sensitivities.


Do different types of yoga and other exercises that are specific to your chakras.  The body can have different movement and there are four chakras that can correspond with these movements.  Yoga and qi qont and tai chi are good ways to get your energy levels back to where they need to be.

You need to practice movement, stretching and balance to bring harmony back into your life.  This can sync with your spiritual life to bring you balance.

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