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13 Indications you are an Empath and What this means

13 Indications you are an EmpathSomeone who is able to feel the emotions and feelings of others is known as an empath.

13 Indications you are an empath:

a) After interacting with someone you tend to carry their burden for them for days.
How do you feel after someone has told you all their problems? Do you just walk away or you tend to feel bad for them for 2 to 3 days?

b) You feel uncomfortable and drained with some certain social situations.
Certain social situations like hospitals, funerals are considered as trigger points. You should locate places that make you feel bad and decided on whether to limit your time of interaction with such places.

c) You don’t enjoy a person’s company and you don’t know why.
Know what’s healthy for you. Empaths have the ability to read people’s energy. When you get a reading on a person they might be going through a hard time which is at times very minimal so you can decide to do another reading for them. If the feeling is strong then you can cut the feeling and do what you think is best for you.

13 Indications you are an Empathd) You have moods wings almost every time and feel anxious in a crowd.
This is an indication that other people’s energy is controlling you and it’s now time to clear your space.
If you keep picking up on oncoming energy that’s not related to yours then it means you are an empath. Although at times it might go away on its own, you frequently have to clear it in order for it to go.

e) One moment you are depressed the next moment you are happy.
This is an indication that you are an empath. After being depressed you suddenly get back into your higher self.

f) You get excited at other people’s dreams and hopes
This is one advantage of being an empath.
You feel like you pay attention to the negatives and it’s now time to focus more on the positives.
An empath gets both sad and happy easily.

g) Problems and issues of others affect you.
Empathetic people have been through a lot. Therefore they tend to be more compassionate and good listeners. They have experienced breakups and hard times.
When other people experience hard times, empaths tend to be closer to people who have encountered such moments. This is because the people who can help you are the ones who have gone through what you are going through.

h) You feel sick for no reason.
This means that you internalize the pain of others in the form of worries and fear.

i) In times of crisis, you can hear other people’s thoughts and know what they are thinking even without them saying it.
This is a sign of clairaudient gifts adding to your clairsentient ones. This is really good as it takes many people years to get into this state.

j) You can easily realize when someone is not being real.
You read something and feel there is a lie written in it.
This means you have the capability of reading the vitality behind words just as you are able to notice the vitality behind the individuals speaking those words.

k) You have been accused of being too sensitive.
Being sensitive is a compliment. It is a blessing to be too sensitive. You are able to teach others how to be compassionate. So if you have been too sensitive, you don’t have to worry. You are not alone.

l) You want others to value your emotions just as you value them
Empaths want equity. If they display respect, they want to be treated with respect too especially in relationships they invest in. if not, they will walk away and look for more respectful relationships.
You can tell when something is happening
The fact that you can sense when something has happened tells that you are empathetic. You have empathetic gifts. This means you can sense the energy and emotions around you.

m) Most empaths are considered to be introverts which shouldn’t be the case.
If you surround yourself with the right people who possess the right energy then you can just be considered as an extrovert just like anybody else.

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