Common Spirit Animals for You

Common Spirit Animals for You

Rather you believe it or not, there are spirit animals that have come to help you and to give you signs and wonders. When you see a certain animal that comes into your life over and over again, it can be a sign from the universe.

Once you are aware that you have a spirit animal, it is hard not to keep noticing them, especially if they keep coming over and over again.

Maybe you are someone that even sees wild animals and you realize that you have never seen one of those before. Or you might feel that you have had some kind of strange interaction with an animal, this can all be part of your spiritual journey.

Communicating with Your Spirit Animal

When you find an animal and you wonder why you would ever see this animal, this can be something that is a sign. Your spirit animal is there to guide you and to give you information about who you are.

They are also there to bring you hope and comfort when you need it. There are different types of spirit animals from insects to reptiles, mammals and more. The world is full of animals that come to you and they help you to find your dharma or your purpose in life. They want you to complete what the universe has for you, and they will come to you to help.

Sometimes your animals will show up in front of you or even in your dreams to warn you or to help you to have more strength. They will be there to help you to reach your destinies. No matter what animals come in your path, pay attention to the signs and what the universe is trying to tell you.

Common Spirit Animals

Here are some of the most common spirit animals that you might see:


Butterflies are there to show you that change is around. They change from inside and out and they represent the birth and rebirth cycle. They show you that you can be a better version of who you are and that you can make your light shine.


Spiders that show up a lot or if you dream of them can make you realize that you need to build a better life for yourself. They are always building webs and making things.

The spider works with the feminine power and they are there to help show you that you can be more creative. If you have a project to work on, they can show you that you can create great things and that your dreams can become real for you.


A crow might not seem like a spirit guide that you are used to because they are often seen as dark. But they are magical creatures that are flexible and that are interesting. If you are someone that likes to play jokes, the crow might be a perfect spirit animal for you. Think about your life connections.

Be aware of where you are in life and see if you need to do some changes. Pay attention to what is happening around you and embrace the magic of life.


The owl is one animal that is not seen often. If you see one, it can mean that you are developing a deep connection with someone or something or you have strong intuition.

When you see an owl, you might be going through changes or you might be able to see things that other people cannot see. You need to make sure that you have an open mind and that you are not held back by what you don’t see.


A hummingbird is fast, and they are able to move their wings so many times per second. Even though they are small, they get a lot done. If you are playful, this might be your spirit guide. The hummingbird is there to help you to not take things so seriously and to have fun in your life.

Get rid of the negativity around you and control your own outcome.


The hawk is a bird that is courageous and strong. They are able to see things from a higher point of view. Learn to pay attention to the truth around you and see that you need to look closely at things before making decisions.

Allow your inner wisdom to come out in you and be careful about what you do.


Grasshoppers are interesting animals. They are thought to bring good luck and they want to give you a good message. If you are struggling to make a decision, have faith in the grasshopper’s sign and let it be a guide to you.


Eagles are strong birds and they represent freedom and hope. If this is your spirit animal then you need to stay grounded and let the world around you give you gifts that you need.

Having a Spirit Animal

Remember, your spirit animal is there to guide you and to give you strength. The universe has put this here to help you and to protect you. Let it guide you and keep you on track in your life.

As you go throughout your day, pay attention to what is going on around you. Don’t be surprised at the things that you will encounter and allow there to be meaning all around you that is good and peaceful.