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Managing Your Ego for the Better

Ways of Managing Your Ego for the Better. Ego is not a dirty word!

Ego is a clean word according to Skyhooks famous song in the 1970s. How accurate is this statement?

Let me educate you about the mind’s structure. At early age children tend to learn and comprehend the word ‘no’ this, therefore, means that brain and character are formed very early stages in life. Children always get what they need especially when in the womb; therefore, this makes their brain feel pressurized. Before a child is born all their needs are catered for. This turns to be the opposite after birth; it becomes difficult to provide all their needs leading to the set up a barrier known as the ‘ego-mind barrier ‘between the unconscious and character or the developing brain. The unconscious is not easy to deal with and we can’t subsist with life if everything was alert all the time hence its fullness is kept down by the ego-mind barrier.

The ego-mind barrier is soft and quick. Any time we are stressed or sick it fluctuates due to its strength and thickness (semi-permeable). During such times we become unbothered.

When we feel weak due to ego specifically being thin in other places, small holes are able to build up allowing the flow of unwanted vitalities into our minds making them take charge unexpectedly. Sometimes you can say something and later wonder “now where did that come from?” It is definitely from your unconscious….. We are able to function well on earth because the ego-mind barrier sole’s aim is to keep these things out of our minds.  A barrier is needed to function life since we cannot take charge of inundated foreign and/ unconscious vitalities like tsunamis of emotions.

Managing Your Ego for the BetterOur Ego Safeguard Us

The ego provides protection from any unwanted vitalities both internally and externally in the outside world. When the ego mind is weak, vitalities can easily find a through the way. Though not everything down in the unconscious is wholesome there are better things that are waiting to be discovered.

Gifts and Rewards

The unconscious contains a few foreign, difficult and negative things.When we get into controlled conditions such as mediation mood, we might acquire gifts and rewards. Get rid of your problems through meditation. It also helps you gain entry into your subconscious gifts.  Your conscious light awareness helps in darkness enlightenment when it shines from the inside.

Strengthen and Control your Ego-Mind Barrier

You can learn how to be in charge of what gets into your mind and only allow important energies to invade your mind. Here is how:

  • Managing Your Ego for the BetterHaving a vulnerable ego makes it hard for you to achieve anything as you will always just accept and agree to anything and everything around you. Therefore learn to inquire as accepting things blindly endanger you as a person but the other person benefits since they find it easy to manipulate you.
  • You can think about your situation through the help of a psychic.
  • Undertake mathematical problems and play games like Sudoku, solitaire, and crosswords. They help you in practice thinking. Inquire, plan and create things.
  • Take charge of whatever you think. That moment you start thinking about negative things, just imagine it being rid of by waterfall. If you question how helpful something is then just to ask yourself “is this thought dark or light?” know that we receive what we pay more attention to. Therefore accept the dark but pay more attention to light.
  • State firmly that you will not allow any negative energy into your life. Make your intentions well understood.
  • Paying attention to responsibilities at hand is the ego’s job. This, however, can hinder the unconscious from helping in lending of its spiritual gifts and natural intuition. Good balance is needed when dealing with the ego and the unconscious. Good balance varies between people and time.
  • Some people who have trained their egos to be strong so as to be successful in their endeavors are medics, elite sportspeople and fighter pilots. Inhumanity and self-absorption, neglecting the needs of the unconscious are on the rise due to too much ego. Drugs, alcohol, stress, mental illness are some things that affect the subconscious mind. Associate yourself with people that uplift you rather than those that drag you down.

You can take charge of your ego and makes it work for you since you have a unique and immortal energy. If you’re finding it hard to cope with ego energy then feel free to call one of our awesome psychics.

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