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Is It Time To End A Relationship?

       When you are in a chaotic and hurting relationship which always hit a road block and things are over we have to move on one way or the other. Trying to fix things before this happens takes some thought and looking in the mirror. We want to …

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Are You Losing Yourself in Love?

Are you losing yourself in your relationship? Finding your moods and lifestyle hanging on the the attitudes and behaviors of someone else? Thinking random and repetitive thoughts about who you used to be? Feeling limited, unappreciated and disrespected? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions you’ve likely lost …

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Go For A Spiritual Dating

      Everyone is connected on a deep, spiritual level and dating can be a joyful expression of that connection – or it can be a nightmare! By choosing to see dating as a spiritual path, you free yourself of drama and instead open yourself up to enjoy the …

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Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Your Partner?

 Are you living a fairy tale romance or blinding yourself that everything is ok? While it’s perfectly natural for the shine of a new relationship to become polished with satisfaction over time, there are telltale signs that your relationship is at risk that you won’t want to ignore. By examining …

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Are Creating A Recipe For A Disastrous Relationship?

            You used to be very independent, very outgoing, carefree and you live your life the way you wanted to – Until you fell in love and you like that feeling of having someone to lean on… someone to turn to when things aren’t perfect…  …

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