Thursday , May 24 2018
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Creating The Life You Want

        We sweat a lot and take the time to create and design our homes, our wardrobes, a personal website, or even a vacation. But what if we put all that effort into designing our lives? Here are some tips on becoming the creator of your reality. …

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Why Am I Here?

  There will come a time that you’ll end asking yourself “Why am i here?” What is my purpose in life?” Firstly, I believe that there is a divine plan. This plan is fated and outlined for all of us. We just didn’t land here on this planet; I believe …

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The Seventh Year Curse

         The “Seventh Year curse”… Everyone knows it, the belief that happiness in couples continually declines after they’ve spent seven years together. At this point, couples are more likely to consider leaving their relationship or be open to the idea of having an affair outside of marriage. I …

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