Sunday , May 5 2019
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The Wonder Of Earth Magic

 Don’t you hate that feeling of disconnection? The feeling that you do not know how it is to really live? So busy that you can’t find the time to stop and breathe? Living in a four corner of your office space? And you feel as though you have too many …

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You’re not Weird, You’re Becoming a Psychic

Our psychic abilities can open at any time in our life and any age it could be. As you all know, we’re all born with a “sixth sense”, but if we aren’t encouraged to use it, it can sit on the sidelines like the NBA’s Benchwarmers. Even if we like it or not.. …

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Signs You Have Psychic Abilities

Have ever wondered if you have psychic abilities? Have you experienced those moments of déjà vu instances where your intuition was just spot on?  Do you ignore the unusual things you experience or would you like to take a deeper look into it?  There is quite a possibility that a …

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Tips To Strengthen Your Intuition

With the onset of the internet and rapidly advancing technology, human beings live in a fear-based culture that obsesses with trying to control their lives, and most often, the lives of others.   People are terrified of uncertainty and as a result are constantly anticipating that things could go wrong any …

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